Hermione hair!

  1. riotsbrightly said: BABE
  2. basketsofstardust said: gorgus hunny. you werk dem curlz
  3. smashleycrazy said: Hi, adorable! I saw this braid updo thing on Glamour.com and my mom was like “psh that hair is so not real, it has to be extensions” but it looked like your hair. UNICORN HAIR.
  4. theartofwailing said: Dude, when did your hair get so long again?
  5. specialshally said: I envy your hair! So cute!
  6. comicbookexplorer said: Pretty lady!
  7. karifairy posted this
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kari lynn.
22. 4 at heart.

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dirty joke lover.
music junkie.
book eater.

i love cats, dogs, etc.
i love to eat delicious food.
i love 50s dresses.
i love polka dots.
i love sci-fi/fantasy television/movies.
i love the 80s (everything).
i love #hashtags.
i love people.
i love my boy, Drew.
i love performing.
i love camping.

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